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CBC Radio One, Cross Country Checkup, Dec 9, 2012:

John Clarke, Explorer of the Coast Mountains was recommended on Rex Murphy's Cross Country Checkup—for Checkup's Christmas list of good reading:

John Clarke: Explorer of the Coast Mountains. This is a little gem. John Clarke was a legendary BC Mountaineer and explorer who in his later years turned to conservation and environmental education. This wonderful and buoyant biography written by fellow mountaineer and conservationist Lisa Baile takes us from Dublin where John was born to the naming ceremony for the mountain named after John. Lisa brings this remarkable individual to life on the pages and the book is filled with exciting and hilarious stories of his mountaineering expeditions often solo, his communal hippy years and his numerous animal encounters. John died prematurely of a brain tumor and the chapter describing his death is a lesson in how to die as his life was an inspiration on how to live. An inspiring book.

Vancouver, British Columbia